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Launchpad.net is the system for collaboration, project management and code hosting for free software. It provides source repository hosting, bug tracker, a place to discuss project goals and features (called “blueprints”), translation management service, and the knowledge base.

I won’t delve into details, but what caught my attention is that launchpad.net allows to make a read-only mirrors for Bazaar, Subversion and CVS repositories, and track code progress by subscribing to commits on any branch of that repository. Andy Wingo says:

Launchpad offers a web-based repository browser, including changesets, and offers the ability to subscribe to any branch it knows about. You get emails on distributed commits. This is a beautiful thing! Anyone who has worked with distributed VCS’s has probably had the feeling that they are seeing development through a keyhole, that there’s a whole world out there that’s not easily visible or comprehensible. Launchpad offers the possibility of tying together the various development branches out there in the wild in one place, effectively removing the last advantage of centralized version control.

Go to Launchpad.net.

(via wingolog.org: “Launchpad”)