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Video: Bryan O'Sullivan "Mercurial Project"

A Google Tech Talk by Bryan O’Sullivan, on Mercurial VCS.

Mercurial is a free distributed revision control system. It focuses on conceptual simplicity, robustness, and high performance. Well-known open source projects that use Mercurial include OpenSolaris, Xen, and One Laptop Per Child.This talk presents some of the advantages of using Mercurial to manage large, fast-moving projects. We give a brief overview of the techniques used to achieve, in Python, a level of performance that outshines most other revision control systems. Finally, we introduce some novel revision control techniques that take advantage of Mercurial’s extensibility and high performance.

Bryan O’Sullivan “Mercurial Project” at Google Video.

(via Taragana Blog: “Meta Review of Mercurial Distributed Version Control System”)