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Brian Harry: Microsoft DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

For several months, Brian Harry has been telling a fascinating story of TFS deployment at Developer Division at Microsoft, with monthly statistics.

It starts in May 2006, with a post “Deploying TFS in the Developer Division at Microsoft”. The numbers impress:

A single branch of our source code is over 600,000 files today. We are in the process of adding all of our test source to our branches (historically they have been in a separate repository). This will add more than 1,000,000 more files to each branch. By the time all is said and done, considering all of the branches we use, the TFS server will contain 100,000,000 files or more (no, that’s not a typo J). This will make it one of the (if not the) largest source code databases on the planet.

Huge scalability issues are to be expected when handling this amount of data. In “What we’ve learned” chapter Brian describes many problems they have met and solved.

Brian also posts monthly statisitics on TFS usage:

As of now, more than 1000 active users manage 77 million files in 514Gb of compressed storage. I guess substantial number of those files was not directly created by human beings, but nevertheless.

This is important information, it shows that Visual SourceSafe story will not happen again, and the next Microsoft offering in that area will be very strong.

(via Version Control Server Team Blog, which alas contains only a couple of posts).