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Svk 2.0 Released

Svk 2.0 was released on 3 Jan 2007.

Svk is the distributed version control system built on top of Subversion, with many advanced features. Svk homepage is at http://svk.bestpractical.com/.

Major changes since last major release include:

  • Interactive commits: svk will walk you through each change in each file, and let you decide exactly which ones you want to commit.
  • Views support appeared for beta testing: You can set up a “view” that is a map of several parts of a repository (different paths at different revisions). You can then check the “view” out and work with it as if it’s just an ordinary svk checkout path.
  • Better copy and rename support across merge.
  • Speed up repository synchronisation significantly.

Lots of smaller changes and bugfixes are also present.

Read the original announcement at Best Practical: “SVK 2.0 is better, faster and just as free”.