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Million Dollar Motors

Sex, style, power, passion and lots of horse power. Welcome to the world of million dollar motors. Cars in an elite club. These are the most exclusive and expensive cars ever made. For pure power: McLaren-F1. The fastest super-car ever built. For muscle: 4gt. Inspired by the classic gt40. For executive on the move: the Mercedes Maybach. Then: the Ferrari Enzo. So exclusive you have to be invited to buy one. There’s the magestic styling of the Cadillac Sixteen. The dazzling speed of all-American [selene]: the racing car design for everyday roads. And the ultimate in style and luxury: the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

These cars are the [epiphemy? epithemy?] of power and wealth. So desirable that many people are willing to spend million dollars to own them.

“Extreme Machines: Million Dollar Motors”

Ever since the first car roll from a production line, cars were just more than a means of transport. For a hundred years, cars have symbolised freedom, style, and all-important social status. But some people buy cars that price more than fifty times of average family saloon. One such vehicle is the McLaren-F1 - the first car ever to cost one million dollar, brand new.

Dan Kennedy: “Through a very young age I was enthralled with cars - I grew up, my parents bought me a car bed, that look just as a race car - and I love cars, cars are my goals. When I was in my very early twenties, I bought my first Ferrari, and it was a great thing for me - it was something like I’d set out to do, when I was very young, and I just kept working towards that goal.”

Over the years technology entrepreneur Dan Kennedy has built up an extraordinary collection of marks, but there was one car that eluded him - McLaren F1.

“When I’m kind of hunting for the greatest cars on the planet, the fastest, the best-looking and most sexy, it all came back - it was the McLaren.”

The McLaren was built using the techniques developed the Formula-1 racing cars. The shassi was built using the carbon-farb[] shell and is the strongest ever made.

“There is no question where the McLaren was designed, the only thing designers had in mind was to create an ultimate sports car. It wasn’t about how to save money, it wasn’t how to save weight, it wasn’t about how to make it look good and how to make it go fast. And whatever the intention was, it’s a great-looking car unique in every aspect, but able to go at speeds and handle as no car on the planet.

[phrase by Dan Kennedy]

It has a top speed of 386 km (240 miles)/hour, an acceleration of []60 in just 3,2 seconds.

“The raw power you’ve got in this car is unbelievable. Having 627 horse power at your command is on-spiring. “Being able to handle the cornering on speeds this car can handle is like no car on the road. I’m [dubbing dazzle?] a lot of sport cars and nothing in the world drives like a McLaren.”

The 12 cylinder engine generates 627 horse power. Because built on strong lightweight materials, [caven]fiber, magnesium and aluminium, it weights just 2500 pounds (1138 kg).