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Brian Harry: "Branch Structure in Developer Division at Microsoft"

Brian Harry shares an inside story about how the branches are organized in Developer Division at Microsoft. They use many branches (called “virtual build labs”), with strict rules for moving changes between labs. Private branches and release branches are also used extensively. The post is quite old (November 2005), and they seem to be already switching to feature branches. But nevertheless, it’s a good read.

Some arithmetics: I’d estimate that we have on the order of 800 developers[…]. Let’s imagine for a minute that any given developer has a brain fart and checks in a build break, serious bug, etc once every 6 months (which in my opinion would be a team of 800 of the best developers I’ve ever met). There’s about 250 working days in a year and simple math says 800 * 2 / 250 > 6 serious bugs checked in every single working day. The fact is it’s higher than that.

Read more on how they cope with that scale of bugs at Brian Harry: “Branch structure in Developer Division at Microsoft”.

(via notgartner blog)