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GIT, 1.5.0 Is Near

20 Dec 2006: GIT This release contains merge-recursive corner case fix; it also fixes git-cvsserver (when used with newer Perl) and Mac OS build (when you use config.mak), among other things.

Junio also added:

To let people who only follow the ‘maint’ releases know what’s happening in the larger picture… We have just started talking about the next feature release v1.5.0 on the ‘master’ branch side. If we are lucky we could do a -rc1 around Christmas, emperor’s birthday in Japan, or perhaps emperor’s birthday in the Penguin land, but in any case the real release is not expected to happen by mid January. The new release will have many end-user level changes since the last feature release v1.4.4, both at the UI level and at the documentation level, based on previous discussions on the list. It is strongly encouraged and very much appreciated to review and to fill gaps you would find in today’s ‘master’ and what’s cooking in ‘next’, if you were involved in the discussions and/or if you are interested in the theme of v1.5.0: “usability and teachability”.