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TortoiseSVN 1.4.0 Released

From: Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2006-09-16 16:45:41 CEST

It’s been almost a year since version 1.3.0 came out, and during that time we have been very busy working on version 1.4.0. And now, we have released TortoiseSVN 1.4.0. The whole user interface of TortoiseSVN got improvements, and there also are a lot of improvements under the hood. The major changes are all mentioned in our release notes: http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/tsvn_1.4_releasenotes.html make sure you read them. You can download version 1.4.0 from our download page http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads Enjoy the new version and all the improvements in it :) Stefan

TortoiseSVN homepage is at http://tortoisesvn.net/