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From: “Petr Baudis” <pasky+suse.cz>

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 14:06:39 +0200


I just released cogito-0.18 - new feature release of the Cogito user-friendly Git user interface. The biggest highlights are super-duper cg-log, tagging interface and cg-patch -m. Contrary to my plan, this unfortunately does NOT contain three big things yet that are missing but will be in cogito-0.19 (which should be already quite near the ever-approaching version 1.0):

  • - Rigorous three-way merging of uncommitted local changes instead of stashing local changes in patches (stashing produces harder-to-resolve conflicts and can in some extreme circumstances lead to loss or almost-loss of your local changes which is highly evil; this is my priority now; if you want to be absolutely safe, do not update/merge/switch your tree while having uncommitted changes in it)
  • - Support for cg-clone -a (clone all remote branches)
  • - Support for auto-pushing tags

So, now for things that ARE part of 0.18: :-)

First, a simple README update is the only difference from 0.18rc2.

* INCOMPATIBLE: $COGITO_COLORS is renamed to $CG_COLORS * INCOMPATIBLE: cg-log now by default hides merges, -M behaviour is reversed * All kinds of very stale command aliases that were deprecated for eons were removed * .git/author is deprecated (use .git/config to set it up) * We now officially depend on 1.4.2 (we use git-*-fetch –stdin which makes fetching tags _MUCH_ faster) * cg-log was reworked to support cg-log -d (show diffs inline), cg-log -S (pickaxe) and renames following (does not quite work, though; I decided not to fix it and wait for revisions.c in Git to support it since the perl script which takes care of this is quite a hack) * cg-switch -l to stash your local changes when switching branches * cg-commit –amend * Tagging interface (cg-tag, cg-tag-ls, cg-tag-show) was greatly enhanced * cg-patch -m for applying mailboxes * cg-clone -l now sets up an alternate instead of symlinking the object db * Support for cg-clone –reference * cg-admin-setuprepo supports setting up repositories over SSH * Support fetching over FTP * Other cool stuff! Happy hacking, – Petr “Pasky” Baudis