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Git is the modern version control system with a number of unique features.

Git allows many different styles of version control. CVS and Subversion users are used to the centralized single-repository style, and git is able to support that. Git also allows much more powerful style of fully-decentralized distributed development with multiple contributors, and wide stream of mutual merging. Git is also suitable for a lone home user who just wants to keep her projects under control.

Git is low-level toolkit, a set of scripts and small programs. It is fully usable by itself, however it is much more convenient to use Cogito, which is more user-friendly.

Cogito is built on top of Git and provides the workflow which is mostly familiar to every user of version control. Additionally, it supports powerful merging, either with remote repositories or with your own branches.

Git development was started by Linus Torvalds in April 2005. In several months it became usable enough to support the development of Linux kernel. Currently Git and its derivatives are one of the most rapidly growing version control systems.

Git/Cogito is an open-source software, distributed under terms of GPL (GNU Public License). It is available on Linux and most other UNIX-like systems.

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